3 Digital Disruptions That Affect WFH Employees And How To Avoid Them

3 Digital Disruptions That Affect WFH Employees And How To Avoid Them

3 Digital Disruptions That Affect WFH Employees And How To Avoid Them
As more employees work from home, the risk of cyber-attacks grows. In 2020, between the months of March and July, nearly half of all businesses dealt with some sort of digital disruption. Some of the most common digital disruptions were:

  • Worker Productivity Losses
  • When hackers infiltrate company computers, they might steal employee identities. This won’t hurt your business directly, but it will indirectly, as workers have less time for work while they grapple with their identity being stolen.

  • Internet Of Things Infiltrations
  • Now that so many “smart” devices can be hooked up to a central server, there are more avenues than ever for hackers to gain access to sensitive company data.

  • Ransomware Attacks
  • Businesses of all sizes are falling victim to ransomware attacks, but it’s the small and mid-size ones on a tight budget that really suffer from the fallout.

    To stop these kinds of attacks, educate your workforce on best practices for avoiding hackers and make sure their systems are up-to-date with good cyber security software. Nothing is bulletproof, but you can do a lot to protect your company.

    5 Tips For Millennial Entrepreneurs From A Millennial Entrepreneur

    Millennial entrepreneurs are more diverse than entrepreneurs of any other generation, with a greater portion of them being women and people of colour than ever before. But what does it take for a millennial to succeed in this brave new world of business?

  • Remember that although older business owners may have valuable insights, they might not understand how entrepreneurship works in the digital age.
  • Know how to do every job in your business; after all, you’ll have to do them all when you start out!
  • Find a mentor, someone who is where you want to be one day, and learn from their successes and failures.
  • Don’t take advice from people who haven’t been where you are – even if the advice is well intentioned and from people you care about.
  • Do not let people judge you for your age. Being in the know about the latest tech – because of your age – is a tremendous advantage in today’s marketplace.