Panel Discussion Update – What is the New Normal looking like?

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Session Time: Thursday 1st July 2021 at 2.30 p.m.
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Speakers: Jacqui Mann (Culture and HR Specialist), Kevin Stansfield (Business Bounce Back and Growth Expert), Anne Taylor (CEO of Thorngate Churchers Trust), and Chris Ward (Owner at Vermont Systems).

Panel Discussion - What does the New Normal Look Like?

Nearly there. May was a big return to normality for most of us, but with the delay to full restrictions being lifted, how is that going to affect us?

With the biggest 'business continuity test' in the history of the UK nearing to end, the experience gained in Working From Home / Remotely must have given you plenty to think about when it comes to shaping the future of your business. I know we've had a lot of discussion internally about whether we continue to work remotely and move out of our office. But we have questions about maintaining morale, culture and training of new staff.

So what are we seeing? What's happening with our staff? Is recruitment an issue or is there too much uncertasinity

Other questions we are covering:

* What are people experiencing?

* What are the pitfalls that i should look out for?

* What else should I be aware of?

* What has changed since March? What has your experience been? What are the panel seeing?

* What decisions have you made? How are they working out for you?

* Plus a whole bunch of other questions and topics.

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