Partnering with Vermont has allowed us to take the business to the next stage of our growth

Dax Ward
Managing Director
St Cross Electronics

When I took over the business in a MBO in 2003, we maintained our own IT in house. Back then it was not a full time job. We executed really well against our business plan, and as we grew the business IT became more of a time-drain. We were also worried about our growing reliance on IT together with its increasing complexity.

So we conducted a business risk assessment. It showed that an IT failure could have a massive detrimental effect on the business. The in-house personnel that had been dealing with the IT requirements for the business did not have the expertise to be able to deal with a major failure, or to adequately protect us from cyber-crime threats.

We realised that if we didn’t address this, it would harm our business growth, and potentially leave us vulnerable to disaster. It was time to call the professionals.

We researched and interviewed potential local IT support companies and shortlisted 3 potential suppliers with Vermont coming out on top. Of course price was a factor in this decision, but it was also about responsiveness, attitude and expertise. Vermont met our requirements in each area.

Partnering with Vermont has allowed us to take the business to the next stage of our growth plans. Key staff have been able to get back to focusing on strategic tasks rather than having their time soaked up by IT problems.

Operationally, Vermont have ensured that we have a secure, reliable system that allows the business to run productively. They have installed new servers for us and helped guide our decision making for a new ERP system. Through all of this they have been easy and professional to deal with.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Vermont to other businesses. For me it is simple - Stress free IT support and more importantly a safe IT system.