Working with Vermont has been a pleasure

Jonny Wray
Head of Discovery Informatics
e-Therapeutics plc

Working with Vermont has been a pleasure.  They are easy people to deal with: honest and open and always keen to help.  Those qualities are also evident in their straightforward and reasonable pricing: for less than the cost of a part-time employee we get full-time access to a whole team of IT support experts.

This allows our internal employees to focus on specific business needs rather than IT infrastructure, and also gives us access to broader IT expertise we don’t necessarily have in-house. So, overall we now get more for our money, have a more reliable system and staff who are more able to focus on their ‘real jobs’ than we did when we managed our IT in-house. And when we’ve asked Vermont to do extra projects they’ve been clear up-front about the costs involved: no surprises or hidden extras.

We’re happy to recommend them.