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8 Questions to Help You Evaluate Your IT Management

Are you a “non-technical” leader who’s responsible for Information Technology in your Business? Do you sometimes (or always) feel at a loss on how to properly oversee your IT team?

Are You A Sitting Duck?

Sometimes leaders will say, “we really don’t have many IT issues and rarely need support.” That’s a good thing, right? However, when I hear this from leaders, it’s often a warning sign that they’ve put their IT on autopilot and are hoping that everything is alright. Are you amongst this group? To find out if you are ask yourselves these three questions: Are you really secure? How does your IT compare to best practices for your industry? Will your disaster recovery process really work when it’s needed most? When it comes to modern IT security and management, hope is not a strategy! But fear not! I’m going to show you how to easily assess your IT management without needing to understand all of the technical details... It’s all in knowing what questions to ask and how to evaluate the answers!

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