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Welcome to the Vermont Systems Support Centre

As a highly valued customer of Vermont Systems, our aim is to deal with any support issues as quickly as possible.
The most
efficient way to log a request is by using the V - Vermont support icon,
which should be found as an icon on your desktop.


At Any Time...
Click this Icon on your Desktop to automatically open a support ticket.

Alternatively, if you do not have or can't access the icon on your desktop, please complete the Support Request Form below or alternatively call support on 023 8098 3407. The Support line is open Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm - If you have out of hours support, please use your bespoke out of hours number supplied.

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How to help us resolve your issue as quickly as possible

In order to resolve your IT problem, we need good quality information about the issue.
Supplying this information in the
beginning will allow us to resolve your issue promptly.
Here are some hints on what information is going to be useful to us:

If your computer reports an error message, accurately copy it down and include it in your support call.
Record exactly when the problem occurred, if you can remember. If it is a repeat problem, noting down each time the problem occurs will help us.
On your PC, pressing the print screen button – it is marked something like “PrtSc” or “Prnt Scrn” or similar and is usually in the top right corner of the keyboard – will take a copy of the current screen. You can then paste this into an email or Word document to send to us.
A step-by-step description of what has happened will help. If possible, bullet-point what you do which leads to the problem.
The Vermont Systems support team can remotely gain secure access to your machine. If you phone in, or arrange a suitable time with us via email so you can demonstrate the problem and we can see exactly what you are talking about and the issue is.
Your call or email will be responded to by one of the Vermont Systems Support Desk team. We are all really great with computers, and we are just as good at talking normally. It is our job to help you, and we won’t expect you to know anything about your computer or how it works. We will ask you some questions about the problem, which will be easy to answer. For example, how frequently does it happen, what happens on the screen, do you know if other people are having the same problem? Nothing complicated or technical!
Your call will be taken by one of the support team who will be very pleased to help you.