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We could tell you how great we are at solving our clients' IT problems, how responsive we are or how we actually keep our promises to deliver truly exceptional, professional IT services and support - but we think our clients' say it best...

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My team could get on with their jobs efficiently

Jason Coltman
Managing Director
Testbank Ship Repair

Whilst I was growing Testbank, I knew I needed to focus on growing the business, not on dealing with IT issues. I needed a system that worked well and allowed my team to do their jobs efficiently, and I needed a support company who would take on the stress of managing the whole thing for me. Vermont did an excellent job of this for me. They made the system work, reviewed with me each quarter so I could make decisions on improvements and solve day to day problems for my team.

They made sure that managing the IT system didn’t become a distraction for me whilst I grew the business

Barry Marsh
Former Owner and Managing Director
Solar Technologies

I’m really glad I picked Vermont Systems to look after the IT at Solar Technologies. When I started the business, we were doing something very innovative. It required all my attention and I couldn’t afford for IT to hold me back.

Initially I selected Vermont as they were located on the same business park as me. As my business grew, more staff came on board and the demands on IT increased. I never thought about changing. Vermont were responsive and proactive in introducing new services that I needed to make sure the computers kept on working well. They made sure that managing the IT system didn’t become a distraction for me whilst I grew the business.

Thanks to everyone involved at Vermont, and I wish you all the success I had.

Working with Vermont has been a pleasure

Jonny Wray
Head of Discovery Informatics
e-Therapeutics plc

Working with Vermont has been a pleasure.  They are easy people to deal with: honest and open and always keen to help.  Those qualities are also evident in their straightforward and reasonable pricing: for less than the cost of a part-time employee we get full-time access to a whole team of IT support experts.

This allows our internal employees to focus on specific business needs rather than IT infrastructure, and also gives us access to broader IT expertise we don’t necessarily have in-house. So, overall we now get more for our money, have a more reliable system and staff who are more able to focus on their ‘real jobs’ than we did when we managed our IT in-house. And when we’ve asked Vermont to do extra projects they’ve been clear up-front about the costs involved: no surprises or hidden extras.

We’re happy to recommend them.

Vermont allow me to focus more on i2O’s core business

Mike Williams
Software & IT Director
i2O Water

The Vermont team are very knowledgeable and extremely professional and from day one did a great job of bringing us on board as a customer of theirs. They are competitive in their pricing and were very flexible and understanding in our needs and requirements. Since we have become a customer of Vermont we have been looked after extremely well by both the commercial and technical teams. They do not hesitate to exceed my expectations in their turnaround time, especially if it is an urgent issue.

I can honestly say that my objective of having this aspect of my role handled by someone else to allow me to focus more on i2O’s core business has more than been met. Our internal users are happier now than before we hired Vermont and they feel safe in the knowledge that there is a whole team of people whom they can turn to if required, rather than one or two internal people - which would be a luxury we could not afford. All in all, I would recommend Vermont Systems to anyone looking for IT management and support.

Their knowledge instils complete confidence

Louise Palmer
HR Manager and Management System Co-ordinator

Vermont Systems were recommended to us and became our IT support supplier in 2012 when we needed to find a supplier that has the vision and capability to support our systems as we grow. They give excellent service and will execute a swift turn around where needed especially in emergency situations like disaster recovery. The knowledge base of their Engineers, Managers and the Directors instils complete confidence

The last thing I needed to do when I was trying to manage and grow our business, was to become an IT expert!

Cathy Ash-Vie
Financial Director
Harken UK Ltd

The last thing I needed to do when I was trying to manage and grow our business, was to become an IT expert! But as we hired more people, with more computers and bigger servers, it felt like I was spending up to 20% of my time on frustrating, time-consuming IT issues that I didn’t feel capable of solving. Down time and bad vibes were getting too common.

Vermont came to our rescue and we got a fully managed service from them. This means that any one of our staff can ring them direct with their computer problems, making our down time minimal and everyone a lot happier!

Over the years Vermont have always searched to improve their service, and I can now also rely on them to advise me on IT strategy, investment decisions, and planned upgrades.
A company’s IT meshes with many different areas of a company structure – phones, websites, stock, sales and accounting operating systems etc. and Vermont have always been very proactive in liaising with any of our third party software providers to ensure our systems run seamlessly across all functions. It is a big relief to know you are not going to get stuck in a three-way, triangle with each party ducking responsibility and solutions.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Vermont.

Continually strive to provide a high level of customer satisfaction

Steve Jarvis
IT Committee Chairman
The Royal Philatelic Society London

The Royal Philatelic Society London have used Vermont Systems to manage their technology infrastructure for many years. We have always been very satisfied with their expertise and attitude to providing a service to our charitable organisation. They are always pragmatic in suggesting services that are cost-effective and suitable for our needs. They continually strive to provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

A friendly, flexible, professional, business-like team

Adam Lay
Managing Director
Adam Lay Studio Limited

When I started the business back in 2003, we had very simple requirements and we could do everything ourselves. As the company grew and our requirements changed we could no longer handle our IT requirements in-house. We identified the need for specialist expertise to establish an internal network and remote connectivity for when staff were away from the office on business trips, working from home and visiting clients.

This is when we found Vermont. We met Chris Ward and Oliver Mackley when they were just taking over the business from the previous owner. We just clicked. They were local, they seemed very professional and ambitious and we were happy to give them our business. Vermont is a one stop shop for any IT requirements. They are always helpful and quick to respond. Vermont set up our IT system and manage all aspects of it so that we didn’t have to do it. Vermont takes all the stress out of IT problems because running a small business, we just want our computers to work perfectly at all times. When they do go wrong, we need a good quality, friendly and quick response. I would absolutely recommend Vermont to businesses large and small.

Vermont’s business has changed hugely since we first started using the company and they have grown over the years to become extremely successful. They have moved premises and increased the number of staff but
it is testament to Chris and Oliver that we still receive the same personal, friendly service that we have always received.

They are our IT Department

Tom Noyce
Managing Director
Noyce Insurance Ltd

We wanted a company that not only understood our business, but one that would also be easy to work with on a daily basis. We don’t have any IT staff here so I was going to be the liaison - and I’m not a computer person. When we deal with our clients as an Insurance Broker, we wish to be viewed as their ‘Insurance Department’. We chose Vermont Systems for the same reasons; by offering their services as our ‘IT department’. Not only that Vermont clearly stood out, were well recommended through our network and had excellent credentials with other multiple client references. Their proposal was very detailed and thorough which gave us greater confidence that they truly understood our business and what we needed.

The team at Vermont Systems is very responsive to our needs. They are a pleasure to work with and they talk with us at our level of understanding. They also take the time to find out where we are going as a business and help us understand how our IT system can cope with the changes to budget and plan for the future.

Super responsive, high-integrity professionals with great personalities to boot

Graeme Smith
Managing Director
GRS Fleet Graphics

I’ve been delighted in how Vermont has delivered our solution and the support. They are super responsive, high-integrity professionals with great personalities to boot. They talk us through problems in layman's terms which helps us understand the problem better. I know I can count on them to be on the job solving my computer problems in no time flat. I would not hesitate in recommending Vermont to anybody who needs outstanding support.

We are in safe hands with people who genuinely care about our business

Paul Rollison
Senior Operations Manager
1 Community

1 Community provide a range of support services to the Eastleigh community. We moved to Vermont because of their reputation for service, proactive Management, and client commitment. Our IT now really helps us deliver improved services – it’s good to feel that we are in safe hands with people who genuinely care about us and our business.

Not only do we often receive quick resolution to issues that arise, the staff are very friendly and professional to work with

Sonya Chowdhury
Chief Executive
Action For ME

We have outsourced our IT support to Vermont for a number of years and are very pleased with the quality and level of support we receive. Not only do we often receive quick resolution to issues that arise, the staff are very friendly and professional to work with. We have recently had a couple of more substantial issues which Vermont responded to in super-quick speed and were very proactive in making suggestions to enhance outcomes for us. As a company, they are proactive in their support and have a strong customer-focussed approach. I would not hesitate in recommending them to another organisation and very much appreciate their commitment to building an effective and efficient relationship with us.

Vermont had the vision to see where we were heading

Richard Palmer
Senior Planner
Murdoch Asset Management

Running an investment specialist IFA needs complex integration of numerous databases and systems.

Vermont stepped in at an early stage of our development and had the vision to see where we were heading, maximise our operational capacity within a tight budget and ready us for our expansion.

At all stages Vermont has remained in close communication, tackling any problems cheerfully and efficiently.

We are confident Vermont will provide the support and guidance to help us achieve our goals

Sarah Kay
Office Manager
Turbo Service International

We've set ourselves ambitious plans for business expansion this year and are confident that Vermont will provide their support and guidance to help us achieve them – this is a long-term relationship offering long-term benefits all round.

Vermont support our staff so they can get on with their jobs

Peter Stanley
General Manager
Aldingbourne Trust

The Aldingbourne Trust is a charity supporting adults with learning disabilities in West Sussex – we offer a range of day, residential and training opportunities. We have chosen Vermont to advise, install and look after our IT systems and provide front line help desk support for our 200 staff. Our business is about supporting people – we really appreciate Vermont’s knowledge and commitment to support our staff so they can get on with their jobs.

Partnering with Vermont has allowed us to take the business to the next stage of our growth

Dax Ward
Managing Director
St Cross Electronics

When I took over the business in a MBO in 2003, we maintained our own IT in house. Back then it was not a full time job. We executed really well against our business plan, and as we grew the business IT became more of a time-drain. We were also worried about our growing reliance on IT together with its increasing complexity.

So we conducted a business risk assessment. It showed that an IT failure could have a massive detrimental effect on the business. The in-house personnel that had been dealing with the IT requirements for the business did not have the expertise to be able to deal with a major failure, or to adequately protect us from cyber-crime threats.

We realised that if we didn’t address this, it would harm our business growth, and potentially leave us vulnerable to disaster. It was time to call the professionals.

We researched and interviewed potential local IT support companies and shortlisted 3 potential suppliers with Vermont coming out on top. Of course price was a factor in this decision, but it was also about responsiveness, attitude and expertise. Vermont met our requirements in each area.

Partnering with Vermont has allowed us to take the business to the next stage of our growth plans. Key staff have been able to get back to focusing on strategic tasks rather than having their time soaked up by IT problems.

Operationally, Vermont have ensured that we have a secure, reliable system that allows the business to run productively. They have installed new servers for us and helped guide our decision making for a new ERP system. Through all of this they have been easy and professional to deal with.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Vermont to other businesses. For me it is simple - Stress free IT support and more importantly a safe IT system.