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Cyber Security is not something that will take care of itself, and its not something you set up once and let it run. Symantec reported that in 2014 there was over 317 million new virus definitions released. That's 1 million a day. We are in an arms race to prevent the hackers and con men stealing our money or affecting our business.

Security is not an install one program and be done with it solution. The only way you will be protected is to constantly review the attack 'vectors', educate your staff and ensure you have up to date cyber security technology.

Vermont Systems focuses on precise preparation, execution, auditing, observation and maintenance of your security requirements to protect your business.

With a well-planned security architecture from Vermont Systems, you get:

  • Enhanced productivity - with data security management solutions that won’t let computer issues interrupt your business
  • Virus and spam protection - with cyber security solutions that cover all your bases
  • Reporting - keep track of employee Internet habits and usage
  • Threat Protection - ensure spyware, malware, viruses and hackers can’t penetrate your network
  • A partner in security - working as an extension of your business to create top-of-the-line solutions

Vermont Systems can also work with you to achieve Cyber Essentials, the UK Government’s Cyber Security Scheme. Contact us to understand how we can assess and deliver this for you. With our team of devoted professionals, you’re free to focus on the most vital piece to the puzzle – your business.

Secure all you’ve worked for.

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