Hosted Solutions

Power and Efficiency

Power is key to what we do - we proactively monitor and maintain all core infrastructure to ensure its continued operation. Efficiency is a key concern for both our environmental impact and our competitive edge.


There are multiple providers with diversely routed fibre to the site, no BT tails required, true diversity and enormous (40G+) capacity. Our data centres are based in significant regional internet hubs providing fibre connectivity to hundreds of local businesses and data centres.


Physical security is taken very seriously; we have a number of measures in place to deter, detect, delay and deny unauthorised access, as well as strict controls on authorised access.

Location and Access

Our data centre’s location has been carefully chosen to ensure it has the best power, connectivity and access, with minimal external risks and a welcoming and pleasant environment for our customers.

Insist on Hosted Solutions that allow your business to perform at its best.

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