A Proven Method To Secure Your Business’s Network

People don’t usually think about small businesses when discussing cyber security. The media covers breaches in governmental and big-business security in excess. These entities usually have lucrative targets that attract the attention of hackers but are often backed up with an extremely protective network security system that’s difficult to crack.

Mastering Authentic Leadership

When I think of the old definition of leadership, I think of corporate CEOs pretending they don’t have weaknesses. Instead of using more productive leadership habits, they’re focused on fixing, managing and controlling perceptions to get what they want (the same way a drug addict fixes, manages and controls perception to get the next hit).

Great leaders in the future will lead in a fundamentally different way.


Guest article supplied by Stella Marshall - Starry1HRconsulting www.starry1hrconsulting.co.uk

Avoiding poor work standards can demotivate other staff and be costly to your business and reputation. It is a common complaint from my clients and action is often left too late when behaviours have already become entrenched.

Don’t Ever Let Your IT Company Do This To Your Computer Network

Today, when companies need to be lean, nimble and brutally efficient to survive in a competitive marketplace, cutting unnecessary costs is paramount. Unfortunately, it can be easy when you’re on a tight budget to accidentally strip away components of your business that may seem gratuitous, but are actually essential to your success.

What Happens If Your Website Goes Off Line Permanently?

We are getting reports that business websites are being attacked by ransom-ware (Ransom ware is a type of malicious cyber attach which locks up all of the files and data on a computer until you pay the criminals to release it). This effectively takes the website offline until the ransom is paid.