Are Your Technology People Helping You Turn Your Dreams In to Reality? – Or Always Saying No!

Article supplied by Chris Ward, Technical Director, Vermont Systems Ltd

Amazon has hit the news several times in recent months with its drone delivery programme. The latest is that it has filed a patent to allow a delivery drone to parachute the package to your door step to avoid challenges with landing the drone itself safely. Sounds crazy right?

How To Make Yourself ‘Invisible’ To Hackers

There’s an old joke about two men hiking in the woods when they come across a big, grumpy black bear. Scared silly, one of the guys starts to run but notices his friend stopped, bent-over, changing his shoes. He shouts to him, “Dude! What are you doing?!?! Why aren’t you running?” to which his friend replies, “I’m changing my shoes because I don’t need to outrun the bear – I only need to outrun YOU.”

This is a perfect analogy for what’s going on in small businesses: the “slow,” easy targets are getting nailed by fast-growing cybercrime rings that are getting more sophisticated and aggressive in attacking small businesses.